Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show

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Yamaha has unveiled the Sports Ride Concept which weighs just 1,653 pounds

Yamaha has followed up its earlier attempt at a four wheeler – read Motiv.e city car – with an even more extravagant coupe which it prefers to call as the Sports Ride Concept. That is quite apt for a car that seems to have performance etched right into its genes. Yamaha has gone a step further stating the car is designed to provide a riding experience similar to that of a bike.

While it is the car’s handling attributes that is being implied, Yamaha hasn’t made available any tech bits to explain how they wish to achieve that. The car’s under-the-hood characteristics too are missing though perhaps it would be safe to assume it would be an all-electric affair here. The Motiv.e city car that Yamaha has unveiled at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show featured an electric motor coupled to a 12-kWh lithium-ion battery. The Sports Ride Concept though will require a more powerful setup if has to come up with performance matching its aggressive looks.

Interestingly, while it’s not known how much ‘performance’ the Sports Ride Concept packs, we do know one attribute that surely aids performance – kerb weight. And at 1,653 pounds, the car is among the lightest out there if not the lightest.

While still on weight, it’s the Gordon Murray Design factor that weighs heavily as the same steel frame and bonded composite monocoque panels that were used in the making of the Motiv.e city car might have also been used in constructing the Sports Ride Concept as well.

No information if the car will ever reach production lines.


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