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We are a news and research organization that distributes the best in the world of sportcars as it happens.

When it comes to cars there are an abundance of different things to get into, all the way from the actual tuning of your car to the lifestyle that gets lived by car connoisseurs.

We have a team of five contributors, and all of them cover a specific topic – from daily news, special reports to car reviews and live car show coverage. Our approach enables us to provide in-depth and objective industry knowledge to drive ideas and help readers make informed decisions on car acquisition. It’s always a great idea to know what you’re buying, and here at Motor Herald we give you all of the information you’ll ever need.

Our journalists are acculturated with seeing beyond the general press-release. They seek out company executives, designers, suppliers, competitors and pilots to gather additional insights. In short, we try to gather information from all the relevant data sources available.

You can’t consider yourself a car-lover without having the knowledge to back it up, and knowledge is exactly what we have to offer here. The combination of our experience, relationships with the car makers and vast networks of industry contacts makes Motor Herald one of the most respected independent automotive news organizations in the industry.

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