Bentley Using Stone Veneer As New Bespoke Interior Trim Option

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Bentley customization division Mulliner has stated the 200 million year old stone sourced from India will make for a unique new interior customization option.

Mulliner, the bespoke coach building section of Bentley has now hit upon stone to add to the interior look and feel of the Bentley Continentals or the Flying Spurs. Also of course the stone has to be very special and not just any other stone that we come across. The particular variety being used is over 200 million years old and has been sourced from the Indian state of Rajasthan that is famous for its stone quarries.

That makes for a whole new level of customization no doubt with stone replacing the usual plastic, carbon fiber or wood that are used more often than not for the interior treatment of high-end cars. Mulliner further stated they are using very thin slices of the slate and quartzite veneers that are no more than 0.1mm thick. At this level of thickness, the stone is translucent enough for the stone’s natural pattern and grains to become visible.

Such stone pieces are cured using fiberglass and resin before being provided the desired shape.  These are then handcrafted to achieve the desired finish with the entire thing being light enough as well.

Mulliner also stated this is just a phase of their ongoing quest to offer better and finer materials in their endeavour to offer as many customizations options as is possible. And they already are pretty much excited with the stone veneers.

“Stone veneers are only the beginning of what we plan to do with this luxurious and unique material,” said Geoff Dowding, Director of Mulliner Operations.

While the stone veneer for the interior trim will no doubt command a hefty premium, the exact charges will vary with the exact amount being used. Customers will have the option for the stone veneers making up the entire front fascia or to use them in sections.


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