BMW 5-Series Plug-in Hybrid Likely to Arrive By Late 2017

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The entry-level 530e will have an all-electric range of around 20 miles while the more powerful 540e will drive 18 miles in electric only mode.

BMW is reportedly working on a plug-in hybrid version of the 5-Series that is well in line with its declared intention of launching the eco-friendly option for each of the models in its range.

On offer will be two gasoline-electric powertrain options. The range starts with the 530e that will have a smallish four pot engine working in tandem with an electric motor for a combined power output of a rather modest 280 hp. The said model will have an electric only range of 20 miles at speeds not exceeding 75 mph. The system will be so programmed to fire up the gasoline engine once the battery runs out of juice.

Next up will be the more powerful 540e which will have a turbocharged four cylinder engine rated at 258 hp. Assisting the engine will be a water cooled electric motor that will be chipping in with another 95 horses to make for a combined power rating of a quite respectable 326 hp. However, the greater power rating comes at a cost with the all-electric range coming down to just about 18 miles.

Both the 5-Series plug-in models will have power channelled to the rear wheels though the BMW XDrive all-wheel drive system will be available as an optional extra. A nine speed autobox will be standard across the range. The plug-in 5s will also come with advanced driver assistance systems such as the Proactive Drive Assistant which will rely on feedback from an assortment of sensors, cameras and lasers that will ensure the system downshifts well in advance whenever it detects the driver is embarking on an overtaking manoeuvre.

Users will have the option to top up their batteries either by plugging-in to the power source using BMW’s advanced inductive charging technology. These apart, the batteries will also be charged via brake energy recuperation system while on the move.

BMW is already slated to launch the next-gen 5-Series around October at the Paris Motor Show with sales likely to kick-off soon thereafter as a 2017 model though the plug-in hybrid version of the same might only arrive as a 2018 model car.


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