BMW i8 Spider iVision Concept Debuts at CES

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The new i8 Spider showcases new state-of-the art interior tech at the ongoing CES event.

Much along expected lines, BMW has an i8 Spider concept to show off at the ongoing CES event, which interestingly lacks any doors. However, rather than anything else, it’s a clever ploy on part of BMW to let visitors have an unhindered view of the inside which is where the real magic is.

The most striking aspect of the newly laid out interiors is the incorporation of three display units all aimed at making the drivers job all the more easy. First up it’s the head-up display unit that projects important information such as speed, prevalent speed limits along with navigational data onto the windscreen right in front of the driver.

Next comes the ultra-high definition display placed behind the new multi-function steering that has come to replace the conventional instrument cluster of yore. BMW stated the three dimensional setup displays information autostereoscopically where the depth of field is adjusted automatically to provide for the best resolution asper prevalent light conditions.

Among the information that gets displayed include speed, energy consumed as well live traffic stats. Elaborating the latter, the system feeds the driver with information such as oncoming traffic as well as those not immediately visible. This is vital in that it provides the driver with crucial seconds – seven seconds to be precise – to take corrective measure in the face of a possible collision situation.

Another striking aspect of the interior is the expansive 21-inch display that stretches from the center of the dashboard all the way to the passenger’s side. At just 8.8-inch in height, BMW allayed fears of the display obstruction forward range of vision of the driver. The display is designed to mate with the smartphone, smartphone or other smart devices for seamless data sharing.

BMW is also showcasing a new improved AirTouch functionality with the new i8 Spider which allows for better interaction with the touchscreen display without actually requiring to touch the display.


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