Chevrolet Bolt Leaked Before Official Reveal

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The Bolt is being positioned as a budget zero emission car for the masses.

The Tesla Model S might be among the best-selling zero emission cars on the planet right now though it seems General Motors have hit upon one crucial aspect to come up with an even better offering in the form of the Chevy Bolt: that of price. GM is positioning the Bolt as an ell-electric car for the masses and for urban usage while still holding on to the basics right.

And the good news on this front is that the Bolt, in its full production finery might be with us sooner than expected. While there weren’t any Bolt up for display at the ongoing CES, the good folks at CNET managed to grab a video shot of the car though unfortunately, that has seen been taken down.

Nonetheless, there are some screenshots available courtesy of Jalopnik that does provide us with a good idea of what the real thing could be like. First things first, the Bolt is not for the performance geeks, being able to make the 0-60mph in less than 7 seconds. Rather, it’s the total range of around 200 miles on a single charge that is of more interest, thereby making for a budget city car that runs on electricity.

Interior space is good with plenty of space. It’s an all-digital feel inside with the traditional dials making way for a LCD display. There is a large central mounted infotainment display as well. Built-in system monitors the driver’s driving habits and will show the stats to help improve driving habits to extract the best possible range. There is also a dope camera and an accompanying screen that make for the rear view mirror.

GM though hasn’t confirmed any of the details so far, including the $30,000 price tag that the Bolt is expected to command once ready for market debut.


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