Aaron Davis

Aaron Davis has been working on different cars for more than 13 years, and he is the editor-in-chief. Knowing how to improve upon a car that’s already great is an essential skill, and Aaron knows exactly how to put tuning tips (as well as tutorials) into easily understandable words.

Gerald Henry

Gerald Henry is the head-editor for the “Car News” section. He knows absolutely everything there is to know about automobile developments. New cars are always in style when they come out, but many people don’t know if it’s worth the amount of money the companies are asking for. Gerald walks you through it as easily as possible, and also takes care of any auto related events that might be coming up.

Chris Gray

Chris Gray covers the “Lifestyle” category, as he’s been living with high quality cars ever since he was a child. His father would take him to Formula-1 races when he was around the age of 4, and ever since then he’s been absolutely hooked on cars. Living the automobile lifestyle isn’t exactly frugal, but it’s definitely worth talking about.

Jerry Velez

Jerry is an absolute addict when it comes to motorsports, and that’s why he’s the lead contributor for our motorsports section! Whether its monster trucks or a rally that’s going on, Jerry is the man that’s going to cover it. Not only that, but he’s a main contributor to our “Reviews” section as well. As a result, he’s the one who decides which cars are worthwhile (and which ones aren’t!).

Mircea Giurca

Mircea is the latest addition to our team. He is a web ninja from Romania and the person responsible for our marketing efforts. Whenever he is not monitoring the website, he enjoys contributing on a variety of topics.