Faraday Future Releases New Teaser Video of Concept Car Ahead of CES Launch

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Faraday Future has released a new teaser video though its only the company logo, some portions of the headlight and the wheels that get depicted.

The secretive car company Faraday Future has released a new teaser video that provides us with a rare glimpse of what it future electric vehicle will be like. Needless to say, all of it is too obscure at the moment though fortunately, we don’t have a lot of waiting to do considering the planned launch of the new Tesla competitor at the upcoming CES event is just round the corner.

Faraday Future has already promised their new car will usher in a new revolution in the automobile sector, not only in terms of the cutting edge technology it will be packing in but also in terms of a new model of ownership experience it will be introducing. Of course the company isn’t spilling all the beans just yet but has hinted it will sort of mimic the way smartphone or tablet buyers get into usage agreements with service providers.

Meanwhile, here is the video.


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