Faraday Future Shows a Glimpse of the Ideal Word Free of Pollution

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Faraday Future has been fiercely guarding its upcoming electric car, so much that its only the shadow of the car that is shown in the video.

Faraday Future, the secretive startup company that plans to launch electric cars may not have done so yet but is already projecting a future that is sans any conventional cars. The company also used the video to provide a sneak preview of its upcoming Tesla rival though if only the shadow of it as depicted in the video can be called such.

However, apart from making its intentions clear of launching a zero emission electric car much on the lines of Tesla, the company has also stated they won’t just stop at selling the car to the buyers. Instead, that would mark the beginning of a new relation with the focus then shifting to selling services and such much like what happens when someone buys a smartphone. The company promised it would mark a unique approach to owning a car and will also serve as the meeting ground between automotive and the technology industry. These apart, Faraday Future have also stated they would redefine the way we know of autonomous driving as of now.

In any case, the video does make sense at a time when even the air we breathe is now on sale as has been the case in Beijing recently.


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