Faraday Future Unveils Futuristic FFZERO1 Concept Sports Car

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The ZERO1 concept sports cars won't make it to production but serves to project the future design language the company will adopt in its future cars.

So much for all the hype that Faraday Future has been creating, all of it has culminated into the FFZERO1, the all-electric single seater racer concept which however will never make it to the production lines. The concept is still significant in that the FFZERO1 serves to provide us with a glimpse of what the future design theme that the company will be adopting with its future road-going automotive ventures which the company stated should be a reality within the next few years.

Interestingly, the concept car seems to have got leaked accidentally via its app even as the company is all set to launch the car tonight at the CES event.

Among the more important developments that the concept car comes to signify is the Variable Platform Architecture that the car sits on. And one of the biggest strong points of the bespoke modular electric platform is that it can be easily reconfigured to suit different vehicle types.

The platform is also designed to house up to three electric motors and can suit both two-wheel and four-wheel drive layouts. A fourth motor too can be added with little modifications. Adding to the platform’s adaptability is the way the batteries are attached to it, which the company claims is done via strings.

As for the concept car, it features a quad core motor setup with a combined power rating of more than a thousand horses or 968 bhp. The 0-60 mph comes up in less than 3 seconds while the top speed of over 200 mph. The McLaren P1 GTR with a similar power rating has almost the same performance credential as well with a 0-62 mph time of 2.8 seconds and a top whack of more than 200 mph.

The cockpit comes with all the sci-fi bits that’s expected of a concept car, which includes augmented reality displays that gets projected onto the windscreen. Similarly, several of the car’s functions can be controlled vis a mobile phone mounted on the steering wheel. The car also boasts of a host of sensors to allow for autonomous driving ability in future versions.

“An extreme test bed for the fundamental ideas we are working on for upcoming vehicles” is how design chief Richard Kim described the FFZERO1 concept.


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