Lexus LF-FC Concept Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show

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Lexus LF-FC Concept provides us with an idea of what the LS will be like

The Lexus LF-FC Concept has been unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show which provides us with an inkling of what the upcoming Lexus LS will be like.

Power for the LF-FC Concept comes from hydrogen fuel cells that turn the rear set of wheels while two in-wheel motors drive the front wheels. Lexus claimed such a setup allows for optimum torque distribution between the front and rear set of wheels, something that leads to ‘exceptional dynamic handling and superior road stability’.

Lexus further stated they achieved optimal weight distribution in the LF-FC Concept by placing the fuel cell stack at the rear while placing the power control unit at the front and storing the hydrogen tanks in a ‘T’ configuration.

Coming to the looks, the front end is dominated by the signature Lexus grille but with a new mesh design. The ‘floating’ L shaped daytime running lights makes things all the more interesting at the front, it must be said. At the rear, the taillights remind one of the Mirai.

On the inside, the seats, doors and dashboard are done up in premium aniline leather. A unique gesture-controlled infotainment system allows for hands-free operation as almost everything can be achieved via hand gestures without requiring any contact with any controls. There is also a new digital instrument cluster that keeps the driver informed of almost all aspects of the car. There is a touchscreen for the rear passengers as well.


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