Mercedes-AMG GT S Gets A Power Boost Thanks To Posaidon

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Posaidon tuning job lead to a power boost for the Mercedes-AMG GT S

  • Power output rated at 690hp post tuning
  • Top speed increases to 2016mph, 24mph more than the standard model

German tuning specialists Posaidon has managed to liberate several more horses on the standard Mercedes-AMG GT S so that it is an impressive 690 bhp and 553 lb ft of torque that the engine boasts of post the makeover. Both the figures mark a substantial improvement over the 503bhp and 479 lb ft of torque that the engine produces on a stock AMG GT S.

This has led to a better top speed rating of 216mph, 24mph more than what the standard car is capable of. The 0-62mph sprint is achieved in six tenth of a second less than the company claimed 3.8 sec.

All of this has been achieved by the use of uprated inboard turbos in place of the standard ones and using a bigger sized intercooler. Using a more free flowing exhaust too has played its part in liberating more power. Posaidon sources stated the torque figure could have gone further north but stopped short from doing that so as not to tinker with the transmission setup.

However, the tuning firm did mention they would carry out remap the transmission if specifically asked though that would again carry a higher price tag. The braking too has been improved to enhance stopping power though the car as a whole didn’t require any extensive structural changes to handle the extra surge in power output.

As for the cost, all of the extra fitment in the engine will cost €25,000, which is inclusive of a 19% sales tax applicable in Germany.



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