Mitsubishi eX SUV Debuts at the Tokyo Motor Show

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Mitsubishi unveiled the eX SUV at the Tokyo Motor Show

As expected, the Mitsubishi eX made its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show. For those who might have joined late, the eX which stands for electric X – (cross) over, is a small all-electric SUV and will be slotted below the Outlander in the company’s SUV line up.

Mitsubishi stated the eX comes with new gen battery packs which will allow for 248 miles of driving range on a single charge. Power would be transmitted to all four wheels. Among the other features the eX comes with include active safety, connected car along with automatic driving systems.

Another standout feature of the eX is its incorporation of augmented reality which means information such as vehicle-to-vehicle distance alerts or lane departure warnings gets displayed right on the windscreen itself.

As for the design, Mitsubishi stated the eX represents the amalgamation of shooting brake and SUV design themes while the front represents the ‘Dynamic Shield’ design concept.


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