Skoda 996 Supersport restored – This is the last of its kind

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The last Skoda 996 Supersport in the world has been fully restored by the Mlada Boleslav car manufacturer. According to the Czech company, their specialists have worked with great care on the renovation of this model for the past year and now, visitors of the Skoda museum can admire this unique model which was originally introduced in 1950s.

Skoda has built only 3 units of the 996 Supersport and this unit was last seen on the track in 1962. For many years this unique model was owned by Ivan Micik, a Slovakian racing driver. In 2007, the 996 Supersport was acquired by Skoda museum.

The 1950s Skoda 996 Supersport has a body made from aluminum and two different engines. Both have a displacement of 1.1 or 1.2 liters with the firt engine featuring atmospheric aspiration and two carburators. It can deliver 80 horsepower, whle the second motor has 2 compressors and can deliver up to 180 horsepower. But the unit seen in the pictures below comes with a new prototype engine which has a displacement of 1.5 liter and either 4 caburators and/or two compressors.


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