Skoda Fabia is the next level in customizing prgorams

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In the new automotive world it’s all about personalization. This is why, the Skoda car manufacturer has decided to do something new with the Fabia. The have developed a self-adhesive film that can be applied to the dashboard. As you imagine, the foil can be customized with personal pictures or with existing ones.

If you live in Germany or in the Czech Republic all you have to do is visiting the Skoda E-Shop website and select the design you want. If you want to upload a personal picture you can do it very simple but don’t forget something. The photo can be uploaded as long as it’s under 10 Mb and has at least 1732 pixels wide and 816 pixels tall.

This new trim costs only 25 Euros and can be installed by any dealership. More than that it can be easely removed so don’t worry if you want to buy an used Fabia ini the next years. You won’t have pictures with strangers on the dashboard.


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